cave paintings edited

Like any story about creating a corporate name and logo, ours started with sweet dreams and caviar wishes. OK, not really. OK, not at all since we don’t dig caviar, though we always hope for and work feverishly to turn sweet dreams into inspired realities.

In all seriousness logo ideation is a tricky and fickle thing. For many of you reading this you’re probably aware we encounter logos with subliminal elements quite frequently. Our case is no different, though it serves several purposes and is a constant reminder of why we exist for our clients. With that here are five [and a half] facts about our logo that might intrigue you:

  1. RYSE (pronounced “rise”) is spelled with the letter Y instead of an I because that’s the center of our client methodology – we uniquely codify why your organization exists and build your brand around it.
  2. The Y was inverted to make it look like an arrow, or directional pointing up or rising (yes, pun intended) to convey the end result for our clients – upward growth.
  3. We believe branding shouldn’t be solely owned by marketing, nor communications. Centering the Y over the Marketing & Communications component reflects this belief as the two lines merge upwards into one to signify an integrated approach.
  4. Using red for our anchor color was a strategic choice [and because it’s our favorite] because it’s incredibly emotive, conveying feelings such as power and passion. Learn what your logo color says about your brand.
  5. We’re proud to be from Boston, so we wanted to pay homage to that and did so by incorporating one of the most iconic elements of the Boston skyline – the Zakim Bridge.

Do you have an intriguing logo story you’d like to share, or perhaps you’re aching to create one that will help your customers understand why your organization exists? Either way we’d love to hear from you so let’s talk.