“Inspire.” That is my single word response when asked what I feel a good brand should do for any audience. It should compel people to take action whether on some small scale such as just thinking differently, or becoming as involved as anyone can be in any cause.

I have advocated for this approach for nearly 20 years having been deeply involved in global branding initiatives across a range of industries, and just about every marketing and communications specialty imaginable. Fortunately this line of thinking is even research based, so for those who care to “slice the data” as I do they can truly measure their return on investment.

Prior to founding RYSE Marketing & Communications I worked in medium-to-large enterprises across a range of industries including technology, medical devices, oil & gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and business consulting services. When I’m not taking my expertise gained from those roles and applying them with clients, I can be found outdoors chasing down my next inspired moment either on snow skiing, on the trails mountain biking, or on the water doing just about anything.