Cynosure LogoCynosure is one of the aesthetics industry’s first laser device manufacturers, possessing rich and innovative technologies. Despite that distinction its brand image not only lost esteem with target audiences, it wasn’t keeping up with newer competitors with less capable products though better go to market support including a cohesive brand strategy. Course of Action:

  • Developed business case for global rebrand initiative and presented to C-level executives, securing buy-in for an 8x increase in marketing budget funding to support it.
  • Led all phases of ideation to create a comprehensive global brand style guide including, but not limited to logo redesign, corporate and product level messaging themes, marketing collateral design and production, web site redesign, video production, and packaging.
  • Created company’s first direct-to-consumer marketing initiative aimed at connecting patients with providers to help ensure buyers of the laser capital equipment achieved high ROI by creating pull demand. This last step completed the total audience engagement strategy by threading the “Be Transformed” tagline theme throughout all audience-specific communications covering physicians, patients, investors, employees, and the media.